• In a world where the sanctity of family is not as revered as it once was, this book should be read by all; for the exquisite lessons in each vignette form a masterful tapestry of love, life, and the sacred nature of a familial bond. Generations come and generations go, yet this book reminds us all of the lasting impact those who rear us and those who love us make on the rest of our days…Curl up with a soft blanket, a cup of tea and let this book transport you into the Cigarroas’ world. It’s a world where you will likely hear the soft whispers of your own ancestors as well.

    Gerda Weissmann Klein author of All But My Life
  • “That one family should produce so many extraordinary individuals seems to be hardly possible. But in examining the roots, the foundation, the enduring values that survive and become stronger with each generation, one begins to understand. Barbara Cigarroa has done a masterful job of weaving together each delicate thread into the tapestry that is A Mexican Dream.”

    Abraham Verghese author of Cutting for Stone

A richly detailed collection of living memories told with charm and keen observation, A Mexican Dream and Other Compositions presents captivating insights not only into one family’s remarkable story, but also into the extraordinary spirit of the people of our Texas borderlands. You will meet individuals like Dr. and Mrs. Joaquin Cigarroa, Jr. featured in this video, whose wisdom will enlighten you especially in our current times.